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Paintensity: Celebrating Kadayawan in Full Colors!


Dabaweños are now ready for the ecstatic party experience this Kadayawan 2016! Book the date, prepare your party jeans, and buckle up the euphoria 'coz Paintensity Kadayawan 2016 is here to boost the youth in you! Watch the vid to start the party! Experience more here.

Sinuglaw Distinctively Davao


Kinilaw, or Ceviche if you will, is a well known appetizer throughout the world, from Asia to Mediterranean. The fresh seafood catch is marinated in acid vinegar, lemon or lime with herbs and ginger and most often bird's eye chili pepper to round of the tangy taste and to give it that kick it needs (and some say to...

Italianni’s: A Taste of Italy in Davao

If you’re looking for a place that screams Italian, why not make Italianni’s your go-to? It isn’t as far as Rome so you can check it out at the Level 1 of Abreeza Mall, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. The place has a warm and cozy atmosphere, a perfect venue for you and your friends; offering authentic Italian selections...

Alibaba Shawarma: Happiness in a Wrap


From a humble food kiosk to an independent establishment, Alibaba Shawarma satisfies your craving for good food that is light on the budget. Alibaba Shawarma first started at Felcris Centrale last July, 31st 2015. The store is located in the supermarket area alongside other well-known food stalls. At first glance, you would really be curious to try this new shawarma...

Great Music and Fine Dining at Davao’s Assembly Bar and Café

Everyone wants a relaxing dining experience during weekends or a happy hour after work. Of course, nothing can beat a cozy feeling while enjoying out-of-the-way dishes and a great music all in one place. Having said that, Davao City is blessed for housing some of the best resto bars and cafés in the Philippines. One remarkable place is Assembly Bar...

United States Potato To Fulfilling Breakfast


We all know the good benefits there is in a high quality US potato which I posted days ago ( Here’s a wonderful recipe that me and my group mates came up at our US Potato Safari Cook-off. First of all, Potato A saGohan is an original recipe that we formulated with the help of Chef Sandy Daza’s masterful...

Café Uno, Waterfront Insular Hotel


Location: J.P. Laurel Avenue, Lanang, Davao City Known as one of the first luxury hotels in Davao, Waterfront Insular Hotel has always been a popular choice of tourists visiting Davao. I grew up in a village adjacent to the hotel and I know for a fact that it’s older than me (I’m 26) and it is still very well maintained. Last...

Claude’s Le Cafe de Ville


  Dec 1, Noontime at Claude’s Le Café de Ville where I was greeted with warm smiles and eager service crews. Claude’s is a well-known French restaurant in the city which started in 1996. I can still remember the first branch they had across the street from the one we see today, I will never forget how perfect their steak...