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Panelo strikes Trillanes: “Stop acting like an anxious puppy”


Salvador Panelo, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel, challenged Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to file a case regarding the alleged arbitrary threat to arrest him without a warrant and the alleged threat to his life. Panelo sent a statement to media on Saturday stating that if Trillanes truly believed that there was no basis for his arrest and that he was practically...

Netizen Alert: Davao Water Service Interruption March 7-9


Water supply will be temporarily interrupted in some parts of Davao City starting Friday morning. In a post on its Facebook page, Davao City Water District need to tapp newly installed pipeline for the mainline improvement at Purok 9, San Rafael United Businas Muslim Christian Neighborhood Association; installation of the 2-300mm diameter butterfly valve at the 300mm diameter Mortar Line...

Public Street Library in Davao City

street library in Davao City

Books are vehicles in nourishing the minds. A new established public street library in Davao City aims to encourage people in reading books amidst of the digital era. Lib of Positivity Davao allows more people to enjoy reading. It is a street library located at Bolcan St. Agdao, near Assumption Church.

March 16 is a holiday in Davao City

Pursuant to the Republic Act 7551, March 16 of every year is declared as a special non-working public holiday in the City of Davao. The holiday which is known as Davao City Charter Day, in commemoration of its foundation anniversary was approved on May 22, 1992. It was on March 16, 1937, when the City of Davao was born by virtue...

Top 100 Faces of Davao 2014


Sometimes, we can’t get enough of just one, or two, or three. So why not make it 100 on the list? This list down the top 100 faces of Davao for 2014. No, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is not on this list. That’s too easy. This list is, we hope, a little more robust. Here you’ll find normal folks doing fascinating...

Summer Mountain Paradise in the South

Everyone wants an adventurous, fun and memorable vacation during summer. Some would just like to escape the summer boredom and spend a few days at the beach, while others would find a place that wouldn’t just beat the heat, but would also make them feel the real meaning of summer – to unwind. Mountain Paradise Good thing, Davao Region is blessed by nature. For...

Woes of Irresponsible Waste Disposal is a Call of Collective Action towards Environment


Davao City’s landfill in New Carmen was studied to be city’s dumpsite for 20 years. However, due to problematic waste management, it’s purpose can only hold for 5 years. Davao City is not the only city in the Philippines who suffers from environmental abuse due to irresponsible waste disposal. Boracay, coined as the most famous tourist hotspot in the country...

Kadayawan 2015: Schedule of Bountiful Festivity

Kadayawan 2015 This year's Kadayawan is fast approaching and it's another time to mark our calendars for the most awaited events to take place during Kadayawan 2015. So prepare your pen and papers or note this on your calendars the schedules of events this Kadayawan 2015. 30th Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival As of June 1, 2015 Date Time Activity Venue August 17 4:30 - 5:30 PM Ecumenical Mass Rizal Park 6:00 - 8:00...

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